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lost my pw, didn’t remember my login…

holy smoke.
anyway… after trying several times, i got back in. no news good news. I’m not a wordpress, nor joomla fan. just trying things out.

8 Random facts about me –
this is a repost of my myspace blog of August 5th 2007
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I got tagged by Tina, already a while back (July 14th) to do the “8 Random facts about me” game and it’s a good one, but wow, it took me a while to get to this. Not so easy, because I could relate to almost everything Tina said, and I didn’t want to copy-cat her 8 Random facts, but it’s difficult to come up with “anything”… but lo’ and behold,  when I started  all kinds of weird and nice stuff got out of my fingers through the keyboard on this bloggie space.  OK, it’s truly and really, scattered brain me, who coulen’t even stop at 8. I’ve messed it up.

My middle name is “pleasantly disturbed”. see… another random fact.

The rules:
• We have to post these rules before we give you the facts.
• Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
• People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
• At the end of your blog post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
• Don’t forget to leave them each a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

  • First… I try to live by “
    Do unto others
    as you would have them do unto you” This is how I was raised, this is what I still practise. Yeah practise, it has NOT become a true habit yet, I’m still so damn human.

  • Further: I am a good and loyal friend. My friendships go a long way. It’s scary though to say I’ve got close friendships that go on for 40 years… Makes me feel so incredibly old. Friendship is not in the age. My oldest friend is Neel, who is 83 and my youngest friends are the age of my son, who is now 20. And as with Tina, I can relate to everyone. I don’t care about what people do or don’t do for a job. At home, when I was young,  my parents already had friends from all wakes of life. Some were what might be called “uneducated”, but far from stupid. If you get my drift. These were people with great wisdom, that cannot be learnt at schools or universities. Then there were, farmers, teachers,  policemen, nurses, doctors, lawyers, journalists, artists (singers, painters, sculpters and good knows what more). And they were of all colours of the rainbow. And everyone got along quite fine with one another. I feel blessed that my parents (especially my mom) opened the doors for everyone. My middle sister even dragged along addicted people she met in the streets, into our house. The stories… No wonder she works now as a doctor with drug/alcohol addicts. She has forbidden us, to use the word junks.
  • Habit: I eat lots of fruits with salt. Yeah… salt. Colleagues at work said it was a weird Surinamese habit. I asked them how many Surinamese people the know with this habit. The answer was zilch. People should be really careful to what they say about others ? This is MY habit. My family thinks I’m weird too. This goes very intuitively.
    No salt on strawberries e.g.,
    but yes on pineapple, plums, mango’s, cherries, the sweetest grapes,  oranges, but NOT on grapefruit. Yes on peaches, apples. On Apples and mongo I can even add some blackpepper AND vinegar. Totally yummie.
    No salt on any kind of berries.
    Just try it, some time and let me know if you like salty fruits. It’s just like the Green Eggs and Ham story by Dr. Seuss… maybe you’ll get hooked
  • Fact: I can be terrifyingly honest. Sometimes I can wait a bit too long to “tell it like it is”. But it will come out anyway… one day.
    I find it necessary to be honest. Mostly I find it even deepens friendships and relationships… hah! IF people are up to it that is. I don’t mean to offend at all. It’s all about shit-clearing I guess.
    And as the little story that flew into my mind a couple of months back. After having got it all out (me and you), let’s bury the shit, plant roses on it, and let’s enjoy their bloom and fragrance in a little while. By being honest towards one another, we keep the communication channels open. It’s a necessity to be dead honest towards one another.
    I dislike smoke-curtains, lip-service and the like.
    I go for crystal clear openness.
  • Fact: Mad-dog behaviour, when I see dishonesty, injustice, misuse and abuse. And I get very very judgmental too (and I know it). I can fume and scorch like the most horrendous volcano and sweep like the mother of all tsunami’s. (?habits?)
    I can truly feel the murderer in me waking up when it comes to injustice, egoism and the like. Scary to realize that I could end up killing someone e.g. who raped  my kid. There are 2 women I know from my childhood
    . Both had their kid (daughters and only child in both cases), raped and killed. They both killed the guy. Yeah, scares the hell out of me to realize I might be able to do that too. Kicking ass, if it needs to be done and I don’t mind if it’s my boss, the pope or God. Yeah, kicking God’s ass too at times… He/She smiles at me when I do that.
  • Habit: I’ve been a bit of a clown all my life. Hiding my uncertainties and discomfort/clumsiness behind a façade. Now that I’m 56 (and a HALF), I still have clown qualities, but they are NOT based on feeling uncomfortable anymore. I feel much more ME, whatever that means and the clown has become a nice accepted and now comfortable part of me. How far am I in this Random facts game?
  • Fact: Book-worm and Music-addict.
    Music & Books, always nearby. TWO Great friends. Since I was quite, quite young.  I learnt reading at 4 and have always been good at it. I’m a authentic bookworm. I wiggle with grace through all pages.
    I discovered the radio,  pick-up and tape-recorder, also at a young age (round 5 or 6), and I listened to the radio ALL the time, it didn’t matter what genre of music was being played, so it’s all stored in my genes I think. In my next life, I will be a singer, no doubt about it.
    The stuff I listen to… EVERYTHING.
    C&W, salsa, merenque, mariachi stuff, rock ‘n roll, Indian, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian (each and every one of the dozens of types of music they have) , folk, doo-wap, classical music, opera, metal, jazz, blues, calypso, Carribean, Zook, African, throat-singing from Mongolia and Tuva, Japanese, Indonesian, inuit, Irish, kaseko (you might wanna google for that, no idea if you’ll get a hit…yup, in wikipedia), traditional tunes from my childhood. You got it: THE LOT.
    Only types of music ” I don’t get” are hip hop and rap. But now and then my son comes with stuff in those genres that truly are appealing also, go figure.
  • Fact/Habit? I’m a hermit at times.
    Although I like being with others and really enjoy their company, I like being by myself as well, a lot. I can be alone for days, but never lonely. My gran used to say: “I like being at home, my home doesn’t have teeth, to bite me” . True enough.
    When I’m away on holiday, I don’t miss my home at all. I don’t understand people who come back early from holidays because they are homesick.
    I can be away for 6 weeks or more,  and I enjoy where I am and what I do incredibly. I mean… it’s not that my house got lonely too, and got up and took a hike, or missed me and is gone, looking for me. It’s gonna be there when I get back!As a kid at time, I also liked withdrawing also from hanging with friends and then I climbed into a tree at the back of the house, and became one with the branches and daydreaming away…
    Yeah, always, always daydreaming. Right… HABIT.
    Everything I asked for, and ordered at the universe, has been delivered. Because it’s ” Ask and you’ll be given” It’s right on the doorstep.
    I just need to open the door and drag it all in…
  • Fact: At parties I am the center of attention or the wallflower.
    All depends on my mood I guess. But usually I am very “prepared”, so guess what…?? Maybe this is a repeat of the stuff already mentioned above, but hey… hey… hey…
  • One more…(is this 7, 8 or 9?)
    FACT: I love
    Portugal. My Big Love. Hopefully this counts. I’d like to live there permanently.
    Went to Portugal for the first time in 1976 with Jan one of my dearest friends, who’s my dad’s age. Jan is the most wonderful friend you can imagine.
    Portugal: I didn’t speak the language. With a bit of Spanish (I learnt at school) I got by. Travel sentence-guide helped a lot too. The most wonderful people I met in my life. They were downright poor at the time, and during our train travels, during lunch, they shared what they had with us. Bread, wine, cheese, fruit, meat and fish. It was amazing. The love hit me right in my very core.
    Portuguese food is great.
    All the fragrances, the weather, the ever changing surroundings.
    I felt deeper in love with this country than with anyone I had ever met. TERRA! I mean, although I didn’t speak the language, this was THE ultimate place for me. I felt at peace, and at ease. My very home. Mindblowing. Then Jan said, you know I’m not surprised you feel so at home here, your ancestors come from here. Well… true… didn’t realize it. My mom’s ancestors, were Portguese jews who fled Portugal because of the Inquisition. 
    Probably that’s why the Portuguese terra resonates so well with me.
  • Stopped counting… I think the 8 random facts are done and down and there still seems to be more: 
    • I am a sushi monster, totally addicted, I like everything that comes from the sea. I must have been a mermaid in an earlier life.
    • I am a soup monster too..
    • For the very first time, I discovered the joy of planting seeds and see them grow this year. I was moved to tears. GROW GROW GROW.
    • uh… I am a food monster… period. Like the people down south in the US, I eat anything that flies, jumps, crawls, slitters, walks, hops… and I enjoy it fully. I haven’t tried spiders, rat and catterpillars yet though.  Who knows… one day.
    • My most loyal bed-partner (and has been since  1975) is Kermit, yeah, the green guy from the Muppets. I suspect he chased some of my lovers away… (whoa…)
    • I’m a dog person, but am scared of other people’s dogs. We always had dogs around the house in Surinam. Not in Holland, though. All day out of the house and having an animal didn’t seem like such a good idea. Officially we always had ONE dog, but all the straydogs in the world it seems found our place. We were the dog-mothers of our neighbourhood. We even found a couple of hours old doggies in the bushes. All raised with doll’s bottles and our huge dog (a male) being the surrogate mother and licking them clean all the time. He was very GOOD at it you know.
    • I can clear a whole cookie/chocolate box at 1 go, and then I have enough of it and don’t look for them for at least 6 months.
    • Future Habit: I’m working on being filled totally with Love and Peace

  • The people I tag for this interesting “8 Random Facts about me” game are:
  • Linda,
  • Jackie (Dove, the Prophet of Love),
  • Sri Humananda,
  • Joe Byrd,
  • LadyLunaSea,
  • Ronit,
  • Virginia the Queen,
  • Absolute.Sonic


  • Nite nite, off to Kermie….
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Hello world!

Apart from the blog at myspace and a trial wordpress-blog at my own domain. Here I am… with yet another blog… how many of these can I handle…? But got it up with virutally no sweat, and that’s that….